The Inevitability of Change

The Inevitability of Change.

The Inevitability of Change

I am currently reading A Practical Guide for Successful Church Change by Ramsey Coutta. In his work the doctor outlines his arguments for the inevitability of change within local church bodies. This change can be good or bad depending upon how change is presented by the leadership and how it is received by those who may or may not embrace the change. Suffice it to say that not only are there changes in the local Houses of Worship but also there comes changes in communities, families and individuals. Change is a thing that will happen either by reason of prompting or by natural course of action. Either way there will be change and that change will come.

Now, it might as well be said that I am not expert on change. However after having been on this Earth for more than five decades I can say with certain confidence that change is inevitable. Take, for instance, the young babe born just a few days ago. A number of changes have already taken place. For instance the babe is no longer protected by the womb of his mother. Instead of being fed through the umbilical cord the child must be fed by mouth. The change of growth is persistent and leads to a lifetime of changes. As such we can be certain that change will come in this life. Change is inevitable and should often be embraced.

The point of this message is to encourage all that are facing change with at least some trepidation.  Some are changing marital status while others may have lost a loved one to death. Some are walking into new jobs while others are at the threshold of retirement. Some are moving to a land in which they have never been while others are merely changing local addresses. Either way there is change coming and as a rule change serves only to strengthen that which is already in us. Do not be afraid to embrace change as nothing ever remains the same except God who is immutable. Even as I pen these words things are changing all around me to include the things that are happening to propel me into the future. So go ahead and change. Let God uphold you as you walk toward and into your destiny of change.

Heavenly Father, first I thank you for giving me this forum to be an encouragement to your people. I also ask that you comfort those who are facing change with anxiety and grave concern. Please allow them to rest in and trust You as you have their best interest at heart. Thank you for changing not only me but also all those that have chosen to serve you as that was the best change we could have made.  We love you Lord and thank You for making positive changes in our lives.

The Bride

The Bride


Daniel Weldegebriel

If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

What if I told you she had a proclivity to pursue promiscuity

For the purpose of adultery at the expense of her purity?

Let me tell you her story

She woke up that morning and sold herself into prostitution

Nothing new to her just another day to pursue her addiction

Daddy wasn’t around so all she wants is someone’s attention

Wishing, seeking, hoping that she’ll capture a man’s affection

So he pulled over the car and rolled down the window

He told her to get in…he’d find a place for them to go

Her body said yes but her heart screamed NO

She silenced that voice she just wanted that dough

She never felt so alone and felt as cold as the snow

How could she do anything else it’s all that she would know

Never thought she’d stoop so low she felt stuck like a stone

Underneath the ground like a pile of dead and rotting bones

If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

He woke up that morning and realized she wasn’t in bed

How could she be missing? Was she kidnapped or is she dead?

He put his clothes on and started driving around town

Checking every neighborhood searching like frantic bloodhound

He didn’t bother calling the cops because he had a sinking suspicion

That his wife had gone back to giving her body up for sexual exploitation

Among men who would use their money to abuse her again

Nothing’s changed since he first met her she’s the same now as she was then

There she was again where he found her when this all began

same spot same time another day another dollar for her

As she worshiped at the altar of pleasure with other adulterers

And to his horror he saw the man approach her like a predator & stalker ready to use that dollar to make his offer for her dishonor and do what was improper like a lamb led to slaughter

He had a moment to think about what he would do next

He could divorce her and leave her and she would be his ex

This was all her doing so he wouldn’t have to pay alimony checks

No-fault-divorce she exchanged monogamy for sex, adultery the cause divorce could be the effect


This husband being rich in mercy decided He would redeem his broken wife

He had made his decision and didn’t care if it cost him his whole life

He would pursue this woman until the end regardless of all the strife he would have to endure to see his wife made pure

He would pull her out of manure he would fight to see her mature

Into the beautiful classy woman made whole and perfectly secure

In her identity as a wife who’s had the filth of her adultery

washed away by the grace of her husband who loved her perfectly until the end

And so He got out of the car and stepped toward the street corner

He approached his wife’s pimp it was hell this was torture

The pimp demanded a price to be paid to have his wife back

His wife would cost him everything the choice was black and white, white and black

He sold all that he had, emptied the bank accounts, & cashed in the 401K

It was financial suicide, and his wallet screamed mayday

But there was simply no price this husband wasn’t willing to pay

He handed the man what was owed and bought her back that same day

She couldn’t look him in the eye but He grabbed her hand and they walked away

Her heart hammered and she was scared that he would never forgive her

They walked through the door and she couldn’t hold it back any more

And the tears began to pour, she fell to the floor and the wailing became desperate roars

Of a woman broken and torn beaten and worn looking to be restored

By the man who swore that he would move forward for richer or for poorer

Despite the fact that she was indeed a whore

She expected his anger she expected his hate

How could He love her in this desperate state?

He picked her face up from the puddle of snot and tears

He looked her in the eye and saw her internal fears

He could smell men’s cologne, sweat, and last nights beers

And he said one sentence that made everything clear

It is finished.

He saw her as spotless and unblemished

She was His forever she would never be punished

All pain All sorrow was completely extinguished

Beneath the gaze of her Husband whose love was relentless

And If I told you she was a whore would you still want her

And If I told you she was an escort would you still love her

If I told Him she was a whore He would still want her

If I told Him she was an escort He would still love her

You see this story is true because it’s about me and you

Let me tell you the Good News about Christ and His Boo

His Boo is the church and she’s not perfect she’s unfaithful

Though He paid the price for her sin she’s faithfully ungrateful

Known for leaving Christ and walking in betrayal

Satisfied with lesser pleasures at the expense of the True Treasure

That Treasure being Christ and His presence in her life

Always looking for a happiness that could only be found in her maker

Ever wonder why you have that constant aching and longing?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling, it’s that part of you thats dying and decaying

As you pursue everything but the King and as you do you find yourself bleeding and hemorrhaging internally, wishing and seeking,hoping and craving for the one thing that will satisfy your aching

Shhhhh… Come all who are weary and heavy laden

No need to go alone carrying that heavy burden

That One Thing You need is Jesus The King

Come Home

He’s been Waiting

No need to Hide

You’re His Bride

Just So You Know

First and foremost I would like to thank all who follow me as I seek to use my pen to draw attention to issues of the day juxtaposed with biblical ideas. Those of you who read regularly realize that I am not simply writing as a way to make political statements rather part of my goal is to challenge Christians to stand for the Word of God and be Christians. There are so many attacks on Christendom that standing sometimes becomes a challenge yet the Christian should be encouraged to know that the remnant in which he sits is part of the larger Church.

Now, many of you may know that I am a fan of academia. This is the case because I firmly believe that if one is to be successful at his craft there must be some learning and grooming. Many of you know that I recently completed an internship at Huguely Hospital in Fort Worth, TX as I reported weekly on the program and its impact. Now I am set to start a chaplaincy residency. God has been gracious and doors are opening for me to that end. I will soon have choices of what program I want to enter. Yes, God has been very gracious to me! With this it should be also known that I have been accepted into Liberty University’s Doctorate of Ministry program concentrating on Evangelism and Church planting.

Working these two programs contemporaneously will be a tremendous challenge and a challenge I look forward to. With that said I am not sure how I will continue working on my blogging. No, there will be no laying it to the side; I am just not sure if I should do series as I did with the study on Deuteronomy, highlight points of my residency or take totally different courses. I tell you what, if you have any suggestions please reply to this article. While no promise will be made to that end I would love to hear your viewpoints.

One final thing; I will be a little transparent in saying that the past few years have been quite a financial struggle for me. There are reasons that I will not get to in this forum yet you can be sure that the difficulties I have endured have nothing to do with malfeasance on my part or anything else nefarious. With that I ask that all that willing and able to share as I will keep it up for just another week if I get no responses. Either way I continue in thanking all who support me by reading, responding and sharing the words I pen.

God Speed!

Against the Grain of Political Correctness

Originally posted on preachercarter:

This article was written a few months ago but still has much bearing today.


     Looking at Christianity today one would be inclined to think that Christianity and political correctness are one in the same. What is going on in the political world seems to be making its way into the church world. This often comes at the expense of the Gospel and despite the godly traditions that have been handed down over many generations. Yet the very idea of political correctness seems to not only be permeating the church at large but the many Christians that make up the church.


     Let’s, take a look at one example of political correctness. There are some fully persuaded that telling “white lies” is acceptable depending upon the circumstances upon which the lies are told. This practice is often found in schools by re-writing history and greatly in the political…

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Another Crusade

Another Crusade.

A Word to Men

A Word to Men.

Another Crusade

Fighting wars is no new thing. Fighting has been going on from the time Cain killed Abel so it comes as no surprise that man has sought to kill fellow man stemming from jealously and fear. Such was the case during the Crusades beginning in 1095 wherein Catholicism sought to defend itself against the ever increasing stronghold of Islam. The initial loss to Catholicism caused the determined Muslims to fight even more for that they construed to be a “holy war.” That fight has been going on from that time to this with the idea that Islam should be the world religion and those that do not adhere, even different thinking Muslims, need to suffer the fate of death by the hands of those that fight in this jihad.

There have been many instances of late wherein Islamic terrorists have committed acts of violence not only in the Middle East but also in Canada, Australia and the United States. One of the most horrific acts was reported just yesterday. The report is that a Jordanian pilot was burned alive by Islamic jihadist. These Islamist, calling themselves ISIS, have no regard for human life. There is no respect for opposing viewpoints. Their holy war is just another means of silencing those that do not give in to Islam and yet our President refuses to publically admit that the enemy the world is fighting is a war against Islamist seeking to kill the rest of us. There is definitely a crusade going on yet there is another crusade that many will not engage in.

Christians are also called to a holy war however that war is not to seek out and kill those that disagree with us. Instead the Christian is called to a jihad of sorts. Now, this is not to say that Christianity is to give way to Islam; that is far from what is being suggested here. Instead an examination of the original idea of jihad is the Muslim idea of an inner struggle. The Arabic term has much to do with striving and has little to do with the idea of holy wars. Still the Christian would do well to understand that we are called “Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able” (Luke 13:24). With this the Christian is not to fight against a physical enemy as a way of life rather he is to work diligently in keeping the faith (II Corinthians 13:5).

It is true that many Muslims seek to tear down Christianity by any way possible. And Christians are to be determined to fight another crusade. Certainly there are times when nations must take up arms in the matter of self preservation. So must Christians lift holy hands to a Holy God in complete surrender to His will. The fact is that Islam does not recognize the spirit realm so it takes its jihad against all who are not like it. However Christendom has another crusade wherein it realizes that the fight is not against flesh and blood rather it is against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in high places (Ephesians 6:12). The Christian crusade also involves standing to live (I Thessalonians 3:8) rather than putting forth the false idea of martyrdom. This Christian crusade means fighting for righteousness and giving even our enemies a chance at salvation.

So, while the Islamic State continues to wreak havoc the world over Christians need to maintain holiness and faithfulness to the One and only God. Fought properly the holy war of Christians can and will soften the heart of the most dedicate Muslims. With that, Christians, let us crusade not out of malice and vitriol but rather with love and compassion so that we might win some; even if some are Islamic terrorists.

A Word to Men

A Word to Men.

A Word to Men

Now, I know this is not an easy subject to discuss. It is even harder to have to endure the examination. Yet this is not a thing that can any longer be ignored nor should it be. Yes, I know that real men do not go to the hospital to see doctors especially when there is no obvious problem. Still I argue that real men take care of themselves in every way. And that taking care of themselves may have the reciprocal effect of benefiting men’s families. Still the most important benefactor is the man himself; after all men are just as important as everyone else.

Let’s get straight to the matter at hand. Last year the Veteran’s Administration Clinic in Fort Worth decided it was time that I had a colonoscopy. This was a matter I knew was coming and should have been addressed a couple years ago. It was something I was not looking forward to. Now, I was not concerned that I was inflicted with cancer; God had been taking excellent care of me. I had never been invaded before and wanted nothing to do with any invasions. Insofar as I am concerned that aperture is for one purpose and one purpose only. Hence my grave concern about the introduction of any object into my being.

To say that I had some apprehensions about this invasion is to put nicely the concern that I had. The class that I was required to attend did little to squash my concerns. The risks involved barely seemed worth me surrendering my “virginity” yet I knew that it was more than prudent for me to take care of this one and only body that I will ever have. God has given certain wisdom to doctors and that wisdom should not be taken lightly. Nonetheless the day soon approaching was not one I was looking forward to. It was a day that I did not want to come yet it was a day that must need come to pass. And so the day came.

It is important to keep in mind that I have never been sedated before. The closest I came was when I cut my hand as a Corrections Officer that that cut required stitches. I was given “laughing gas” and I can say there was nothing funny about it. I was told the effect of the sedation would be very much like that gas. I must also admit that day I went in kicking and screaming. Now, I did not cause a ruckus in the clinic however I did let the nurses and clerks know that this was something I was not looking forward to. This is especially true when I was placed in a room whose walls were thin white curtains with others just a breath away from me and told to remove my clothes; all of them. I was then to put on this mini dress that barely covered my essentials. To say that I was uncomfortable does not begin to tell the tale.

In the clinic there were a number of people fussing over me. Silly jokes were being told to make me at ease. Nurses were doing this and that while a doctor dropped by ensuring that all was well. Then came the time of the event in which I was wheeled a few yards away into a room wherein more care takers would fuss over me. I heard the doctors give instructions as to the type of medication I should be given. Then there was the voice of one care taker saying “You are going to feel something cold” and I did. The next thing I know there was a voice saying “All finished.” I heard the words and I knew what they meant I just did not know that I was finished. Boy, if that is like being high that is a feeling I never want again. And then I heard a voice saying that a polyp was found and being sent to the lab. That did not quite sink in because, frankly, I was still circling the airport.
Look, I am no doctor and have very little knowledge of medical processes. This is why I regularly see my doctor and that is because I love me. While that may sound a bit arrogant it is very necessary for men to love themselves. When a man loves himself he will do all to take good care to protect himself in all possible ways. This is even true for men of faith. It is because of faith that all is well with me. God has seen fit to allow me to have very good health and that is a thing I do not take lightly. Part of the reason I am doing well is because I head the advice of doctors whose responsibility is to help me be well.

Men, stand up and be men. Love yourselves enough to see your doctors regularly. And when the time of the colonoscopy comes let the doctors and other care givers do their jobs. The right crew will have your best interest at heart and will do all to protect you in every way. No, it will not be easy yet it is very necessary. Do it for your wives. Do it for your children. Above all do it for yourselves. You are the most important person in your world and deserve the blessing of good health. With that I can report that the polyp found in me was benign and I am doing well. So, men, remove the robe of hesitancy and go take care of you.


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